Latest Tilda

I did post some time ago about the disappearance of Tilda from Fedora. At the time this was due to the lack of upstream support and the fact that development had stalled. Since then development has again started and Tilda is being improved. While it is not (yet?) available for Fedora it is a simple procedure to add it. The following link covers compiling and installing it. I tested it in Korora 20 Xfce and it worked fine and I have the latest Tilda running now.

/kernel_reloaded/ » compile latest tilda and enjoy solarized terminal.

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Clementine Error

I use a couple of music applications when I’m working. Mostly I use Amarok but I also like Clementine. It was inspired by Amarok 1.4 so is popular with many who didn’t like the changes brought by KDE 4.

For some time I’ve had an issue with Clementine, it wouldn’t save the last played date. Not a major problem for most people I guess. However I use a dynamic playlist that is designed to play all the tracks in my collection with minimum repetition. It uses the last played date and won’t repeat something that has been played in the last few weeks.

I did a search online and didn’t find anything. I also asked on a couple of forums but got no response. Today I got around to looking at it again. I found the the config directory, located at ~/.config/clementine, contained 2 subdirectories. One of these is called “networkcache”. I deleted this as an experiment and was surprised to find the date saved again. Strangely I notice that the directory hasn’t been recreated so maybe it isn’t used any more.

However problem solved, Clementine is working again.

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Lots of Little Things

I had one of those days where you don’t do anything much but seem to have a number of small successes. That has been my day.

First I installed Korora 20 Xfce on my netbook. I don’t use the netbook much so it hasn’t been updated for a while. There was no issues, Korora installed without problems.

While checking over the netbook I noticed something that has been happening for a while. My conky is set up to show the current power adapter status, charging, discharging etc. For a couple of versions it has shown ‘no adapter, charging’. Obviously something was wrong but it said charging when it was so it wasn’t a major problem. Looking at the Conky man page I found there is an option for the acpiacadapter variable to specify the subfolder of /sys/class/power_supply that indicates the current state. It looks for AC or ADP1 if the option isn’t used. Fedora and hence Korora uses AC0. Adding that as the option fixed the problem. Easy fix when you take the time to research it.

Second, a minor nuisance is the need to enter my password twice when logging in on my netbook or laptop. I use the same password for login as for the keyring. I found an older post on the Fedora Xfce mailling list that gave the solution. Deleting the leading – from the line

-auth       optional

in /etc/pam.d/lightdm allows LightDM to open the keyring so it can be used by other applications. Again a simple fix after a bit of research.

I also updated the links on this blog when I noticed that the Korora link was for Kororaa. So I checked all the others and found a couple of dead links and a couple of typos too.

All in all an easy day but some little annoyances fixed.

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Korora Project

Korora Project has just announced the release of Korora 20. It adds 3 new desktops environments and many new features. I’ve been using the beta release of both Xfce and KDE for some time and found no problems. It is a great update, full details in the link at the start.

As part of the new release is the launch of a new website and support site. Try it out.

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Interview: Chris Smart of the Korora Project |

An interesting look at Chris Smart and the Korora Project.

Interview: Chris Smart of the Korora Project |

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Korora Project | Introducing Pharlap, our new driver manager replacement for Jockey

Chris introduces Pharlap the new device driver manager to replace Jockey.

Korora Project | Introducing Pharlap, our new driver manager replacement for Jockey.

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Korora Project | Korora 20 Peach beta released

Korora Project | Korora 20 Peach beta released.

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YouTube, Cookies and Comments

Anyone who has commented on a YouTube video recently will be aware that the commenting system has changed. It has been integrated into Google+, not a problem for those of us already on G+ but a nuisance for everyone else. It should be an easy change if you already have a G+ account but some people have had problems.

Most problems seem to involve cookies. Cookies are small files web sites leave on your computer. They can be useful as a way of remembering your preferences and the like but they can also be misused. One of the ways to avoid potential problems is to control the way cookies are set. Chrome has an option to disable 3rd party cookies, that is only the site you are logged into can set a cookie. This may seem straight forward but many sites use 3rd party sites to add functionality, usually quite legitimately like WordPress and Gravatar. Unfortunately the link between YouTube and Google+ is broken by setting this option.

If you use Chrome and find you can no longer comment on YouTube but have already set up a Google+ account check your settings. Go to Settings – Advanced – Privacy – Content Settings, under Cookies check the last option (Block third party cookies and site data) isn’t checked.

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Exploring Android’s origins: Developers dish on making apps for the ‘wild west’ | TechHive

Any interesting article on Android history and future. Worth reading for any Android user or developer.

Exploring Android’s origins: Developers dish on making apps for the ‘wild west’ | TechHive.

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New Desktops added to Korora

The Korora Project has announced a new release, version 19.1, which along with a number of tweaks and all the latest updates introduces 2 new desktop versions, Cinnamon and Mate. For al the details see Korora Project | Korora 19.1 released.

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